industries.vikingViking Precision, a specialty metal-working firm in Santa Clara, CA, specializes in high quality contract machining for aerospace, communications, solar, food, and the medical industry, among others.

Viking machines aluminum, plastic and a wide range of exotic metals, including Inconel, titanium, 15-5 stainless and 13-8 stainless, along with other metals, such as copper, brass, aluminum, and lead.

Viking’s manufacturing processes include turning, CNC machining, frame fabrication, sheet metal fabrication, welding and turnkey assembly.

“From start to finish, your orders are supervised by skilled and experienced professionals,” Viking’s website said.
Viking’s engineering services include CAD design using CAM Works 2014 Software edition along with research and development and prototype services.

“We are able to deliver the highest standards in precision machining using our state of the art equipment,” Viking said on its website.

Viking operates a 15,500-square-foot facility in Santa Clara, with a wide range of fabrication equipment, including a 2014 HAAS, ST30-SSY and a 2000 Akira Sieki SL-30.

machine4.Viking“Precision machining on time every time,” “No Project is Too Small or Too Big,” and “Get Your Project Done With Precision,” are three headlines visible on the company’s website.

“We pride ourselves in dock-to-stock deliveries with some of the largest companies in the world. Quality is our top priority. From start to finish, your orders are supervised by skilled and experienced professions,” the website said.